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For many years I have been involved in handling different materials such as ceramics, glass and more recently acrylic on canvas.

I'm always searching for new forms, trying to find a harmony between aesthetics and function. My research is independent resulting in some experiments with clay and glazes going beyond the norm.

In my blog you will find topics that could be interesting enough to tempt you to try your hand at using clay and possibly creating your own business.

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It is special to have something that is handmade and even more so, to have something that is partially left to chance or nature, as in the raku technique that Concetta uses. Each pot is beautiful and unique and helps to create the magical atmosphere we try to achieve with our plants.
Old Market Plants, Bristol
I love the shape of the pots. At first glance they are beautiful objects but I also love the glazes, they look different in every light and hide mysteries within.
Jamie Innes